Vendla is a collaboration between <<Yours Truly>> and photographer V. Elizabeth Turk. It unites Peter's sustainable, minimalist fashion with Turk's expertise in alternative photographic processes to create a special collection of dresses.

The images exhibited on each dress were produced in Turk's garden in Atlanta, Georgia, and many feature plants that commonly grow in yards, parks and wilds in the area.

The process used to create the images is called the cyanotype process, and dates to 1842. Using light-sensitive iron salts, it produces striking blue impressions on paper, cloth, or other absorbent surfaces. Objects are placed on treated surfaces and exposed to sunlight; during this exposure, the iron salts react with the ultraviolet light to form an insoluble blue pigment known as Prussian blue.

Each dress is unique, created from the light of a single summer day in 2023.