<< Jonas Bjerre >>

PJ: What’s your name?
JB: Jonas Bjerre

PJ: Your birthday?
JB: 21 September

PJ: What’s your star sign?
JB: Virgo

PJ: Your blood type?
JB: I don’t know. I just asked my mom, she doesn’t know either.

PJ: What type of men do you like?
JB: Hmm. Men who are kind, I guess. I like kind people.

PJ: What type don’t you like?
JB: Narcissists and psychopaths. This goes for women too, though.

PJ: Who are your current lovers?
JB: Uhm

PJ: What’s your favourite food?
JB: Japanese and Italian

PJ: What food don’t you like?
JB: Anything with soured milk

PJ: What’s your favourite fashion?
JB: I dress fairly simple, but my socks are always outrageous

PJ: What fashion don’t you like?
JB: Fast fashion. I hang on to stuff for a long time.

PJ: What’s your hobby?
JB: My hobbies and my work always seem to overlap.
I don’t suppose you can call them hobbies, but reading fiction, and a special kind of badminton called Action Badminton. Nobody pays me for those, so I guess they are hobbies.

PJ: What were you doing last Sunday?
JB: I was performing with my band and the Danish Chamber Orchestra in Helsinki. We did two shows in one day. It was the end of our tour. It was a good ending.

PJ: When did you wake up this morning?
JB: 6:30 am

PJ: Who’s your favourite fashion designer?
JB: Yohji Yamamoto

PJ: Favourite lipstick?
JB: I don’t use it, so I wouldn’t know.

PJ: Foundation?
JB: Once in a while, someone puts this on me for tv performances, and I always enjoy the way it looks! Even so, I don’t use it at home, never notice the brands they use, and so it’s not my field of expertise.

PJ: Perfume?
JB: I really like Guerilla 2 from Comme des Garcons, but they don’t make it anymore. I still have one bottle left. I save it for special occasions.

PJ: What colour hair do you wish you were born with?
JB: I am at peace with the hair I was given. But when I was a kid I wanted it to be black, because I wanted to be Superman. My mom would not let me dye it.

PJ: Are you a good cook?
JB: I would say decent.

PJ: What food do you cook best?
JB: Crispy kale and white fish.

PJ: What do you wear when you sleep?
JB: Boxer briefs. In the winter I sometimes wear pyjamas.

PJ: What did you eat when you woke up this morning?
JB: I ate something called “hveder” in Danish. It’s a tradish but I forget why. It’s a buttery wheat bun. But most days I don’t eat before around 1 pm.

PJ: What’s your favourite word?
JB: Smaragd (Emerald in Danish)

PJ: What words don’t you like?
JB: Pretentious, and any hateful, degrading word

PJ: What’s your favourite flower?
JB: My lego bouquet which took a long time to assemble. I never need to water it.

PJ: Favourite colour?
JB: Gulfstream Aqua Blue, the color of my guitar. It was originally used for a series of 1968 Ford Mustangs.

PJ: What’s your favourite season?
JB: Autumn

PJ: Where do you most want to go now?
JB: Tokyo

PJ: What’s your job?
JB: My primary job is being in my band Mew. I am the lead singer. Apart from that I make animation, visual arts, and I make scores for films and tv shows.

PJ: Do you like your work?
JB: Yes. I love it.

PJ: Do you like your job?
JB: Well, I like it when it doesn’t feel like a job. In general, I am grateful and I feel privileged that I can make a living from being an artist.

PJ: Do you like your voice?
JB: I do when I am rested and prepared to sing. I usually never listen back to live recordings, because it’s never entirely flawless. And I usually don’t listen back to audio interviews

PJ: What is your dream of the future?
JB: On a personal level, to continue having creative freedom, and to explore more realms of creativity. On a grander level, for humanity to come together and solve our common problems. This would be our only salvation.

PJ: What’s the happiest thing about your life?
JB: My daughter

PJ: How about the saddest?
JB: That there is just not enough time for everything.

PJ: What part of your self do you like best?
JB: Do you mean physically? Hmm… My collar bones maybe

PJ: What part of your self don’t you like?
JB: My eyes when they look tired and swollen

PJ: What part of your personality do you like best?
JB: My imagination

PJ: What part of your personality don’t you like?
JB: My anxiety and my cynicism

PJ: What is your habit?
JB: Coffee. And wine.

PJ: When was your first love?
JB: When I was 14.

PJ: What kind of person was this?
JB: She wanted so much to be a grown-up.

PJ: What type of person is your current lover?
JB: Uhm

PJ: What do you expect from them?
JB: From a relationship, I would always expect kindness and support and to feel as equals. And to not expect the other person to be entirely responsible for your happiness.

PJ: What did you dream last night?
JB: I was with my dad in a city we had never visited before. I got bitten by a snake, and a doctor had to press out linseed oil from the wounds. It came out as these long pillars.

PJ: Do you believe in dreams?
JB: I believe they hold great significance. But it is a language that we cannot understand in the waking world. Sometimes, right before I fall asleep, I feel like I know the meaning of life, but I never seem to remember it after I wake up.

PJ: Do you believe in jinxes?
JB: I don’t want to believe in them, but part of me actually does.

PJ: Do you believe in magic?
JB: In a manner of speaking, yes absolutely I do.

PJ: Do you believe in god?
JB: I believe in something called the Many-Worlds Interpretation, as first proposed by Hugh Everett III in 1957. It deals with super-positions, the proven fact that small particles can be in several places at once. This could be a photon, or it could be an electron in our brain, influencing what we do, and splitting reality into parallel universes. (This is called “amplified weirdness”). It predicts that everything that can happen, does happen. So reality is a mathematical object, that holds all possible outcomes. In a way, this is what god is, I think. Everything that occurs and can occur. Time is not linear, it is like a tree that keeps on growing new branches, infinitely. Deterministic on a greater scale, but with free from a local / personal perspective.