<< Sander Lak >>

PJ: What’s your name?
SL: Sander Lak

PJ: Your birthday?
SL: June 23

PJ: What’s your star sign?
SL: Cancer

PJ: Your blood type?
SL: I have no idea…

PJ: Who are your current lovers?
SL: Just the one!

PJ: What’s your favourite food?
SL: Fried Chicken, Dutch cheese and licorice

PJ: What food don’t you like?
SL: My stomach doesn’t like gluten, but my heart only wants gluten… it’s a struggle!

PJ: What’s your favourite fashion?
SL: Ease, confident, smart and personal

PJ: What fashion don’t you like?
SL: Hard, rigid, inauthentic, itchy and stupid

PJ: What’s your hobby?
SL: Movies, books, Alien and graphic novels

PJ: What were you doing last Sunday?
SL: I was in LA hanging out with my friends and watching movies

PJ: When did you wake up this morning?
SL: 8am

PJ: Who’s your favourite fashion designer?
SL: I don’t know if I can pick one… Lets make a “dream team”: Rick Owens, Miuccia Prada, Wales Bonner

PJ: Favourite lipstick?
SL: Lipstick doesn’t work on me…

PJ: Foundation?
SL: Don’t have one

PJ: Perfume?
SL: Marc Jacobs (the first one he did in the early 00’s)

PJ: What colour hair do you wish you were born with?
SL: Pitch black and straight, even though I know that if I did, I would want blond and curly!

PJ: Are you a good cook?
SL: I am ok

PJ: What food do you cook best?
SL: Some might not agree but I love my noodle soups!

PJ: What do you wear when you sleep?
SL: I can’t sleep naked somehow?
SL: So I wear underwear and Tshirt.

PJ: What did you eat when you woke up this morning?
SL: I can’t eat much in the morning or my annoying stomach goes in overdrive and it gets, or annoyed, or it will want food all day long! I am basically a human being attached to my stomach who is in control of me…

PJ: What’s your favourite word?
SL: Ugh… and Amazing! I am less basic in my favourite facial expressions

PJ: What words don’t you like?
SL: Some Dutch words like: Gezellig, Vleessapvlek and uitlekbakje…Ugh…

PJ: What’s your favourite flower?
SL: I never really liked flowers, I do love plants. I like that it is almost always a shade of green (which is a color I react to well)

PJ: Favourite colour?
SL: That’s like asking a mother of 6 to pick a favourite child! I might have one at a certain moment, but I always change my mind and switch them out

PJ: What’s your favourite season?
SL: Awards

PJ: Where do you most want to go now?
SL: To Japan, to a country I haven’t been to yet, or to a beachy island

PJ: What’s your job?
SL: I am a fashion designer by trade but also float between other mediums

PJ: Do you like your work?
SL: When I call it “work” I don’t like it, when I do it even if I wouldn’t get payed for it, that means I love it!

PJ: Do you like your voice?
SL: As in the voice coming out of many mouth?
SL: Yes I do, even if it always wakes up kids and animals because I don’t know how to speak silently or quietly…

PJ: What is your dream of the future?
SL: I want to keep doing things that challenge me but also fulfil creatively. When it’s about the future of the world, I don’t have enough space on here to even start with that one…

PJ: What’s the happiest thing about your life?
SL: Freedom, confidence, curiosity, my noodle soup

PJ: How about the saddest?
SL: Grief, disconnection, social media

PJ: What part of your self do you like best?
SL: I wouldn’t want to be anyone else!

PJ: What part of your self don’t you like?
SL: Many, but I am ok with them

PJ: What is your habit?
SL: To be in control

PJ: When was your first love?
SL: In many ways not that long ago!

PJ: What kind of person was this?
SL: A great person ;)

PJ: What type of person is your current lover?
SL: A great person ;)

PJ: What do you expect from them?
SL: Nothing

PJ: What did you dream last night?
SL: A bear attacking a dog that a person was trying to take up a hill…I was watching it with horror but also wanted to see if the bear would go for the person next. When I woke up, I realised that I was in a car in my dream and totally could have driven to them and honked and scared the bear off…but I didn’t… I might need to talk with my therapist about that one!

PJ: Do you believe in dreams?
SL: Sure

PJ: Do you believe in jinxes?
SL: Sure

PJ: Do you believe in magic?
SL: Not sure

PJ: Do you believe in god?
SL: Not sure