<< Sam Salad >>

PJ: What’s your name?
SS: Sam Salad

PJ: Your birthday?
SS: April 19

PJ: What’s your star sign?
SS: Aries.

PJ: Your blood type?
SS: Ragu.

PJ: What type of men do you like?
SS: Spicy men.

PJ: What type don’t you like?
SS: Spicy men.

PJ: Who are your current lovers?
SS: My dog Abigail and Rebma from 69.

PJ: What’s your favourite food?
SS: Bangladeshi food is pretty great. Biryani, stuff like that. Texas BBQ is also great.

PJ: What food don’t you like?
SS: Controversial, but I’d have to say Ethiopian. I just can’t get into the injira bread.

PJ: What’s your favourite fashion?
SS: meals clothing, the brand I run with my partner, Rebma

PJ: What fashion don’t you like?
SS: Severe, dark, expensive club-wear.

PJ: What’s your hobby?
SS: Reading crime novels.

PJ: What were you doing last Sunday?
SS: A colossal dose of mushrooms.

PJ: When did you wake up this morning?
SS: 8 am

PJ: Who’s your favourite fashion designer?
SS: 69

PJ: Favourite lipstick?
SS: I’ve always avoided lip products.

PJ: Foundation?
SS: n/a

PJ: Perfume?
SS: Anything grassy and vegetal.

PJ: What colour hair do you wish you were born with?
SS: Blonde I guess, so it would be easier to dye different colors.

PJ: Are you a good cook?
SS: I get by.

PJ: What food do you cook best?
SS: Baked chicken. So boring.

PJ: What do you wear when you sleep?
SS: Full Brooks Brothers Flannel suit.

PJ: What did you eat when you woke up this morning?
SS: A handful of peanuts and two cups of coffee.

PJ: What’s your favourite word?
SS: Obsequious. It means to kiss ass.

PJ: What words don’t you like?
SS: I have a hard time with lofty art speak. Academic discourse, the dialectic, etc. I like straight talk.

PJ: What’s your favourite flower?
SS: Peonies are nice. I like tulips, especially the mutant ones.

PJ: Favourite colour?
SS: Whichever color is selling well.

PJ: What’s your favourite season?
SS: Whenever it’s cool enough to hike comfortably in pants here in Los Angeles.

PJ: Where do you most want to go now?
SS: Japan

PJ: What’s your job?
SS: I started the clothing line, ‘meals’ with my partner 69. I’m a clothing designer.

PJ: Do you like your work?
SS: More than anything.

PJ: Do you like your job?
SS: Absolutely

PJ: Do you like your voice?
SS: Yes, it’s a little puckish.

PJ: What is your dream of the future?
SS: Travel more, get another dog.

PJ: What’s the happiest thing about your life?
SS: Getting to feel all the feelings, even the unpleasant ones.

PJ: How about the saddest?
SS: Not feeling the feelings. Rushing through life.

PJ: What part of your self do you like best?
SS: Being of service. Being helpful.

PJ: What part of your self don’t you like?
SS: Not being present. Not slowing down.

PJ: What part of your personality do you like best?
SS: I’m very passionate. I’m a big fan, a big booster. I get excited about a lot.

PJ: What part of your personality don’t you like?
SS: I could be kinder to myself, and by extension, others around me.

PJ: What is your habit?
SS: Hard to pick just one! I have many compulsive habits.

PJ: When was your first love?
SS: 16 years old.

PJ: What kind of person was this?
SS: They were cute.

PJ: What type of person is your current lover?
SS: Extremely cute and patient and supportive.

PJ: What do you expect from them?
SS: I don’t really have expectations for them, I just let them be them.

PJ: What did you dream last night?
SS: That I was hosting a pop-up event in Philadelphia, and the city was completely on fire, but everyone I saw was wearing my pants. That dream rocked.

PJ: Do you believe in dreams?
SS: I definitely believe in manifestation.

PJ: Do you believe in jinxes?
SS: Yes, as another form of manifesting.

PJ: Do you believe in magic?
SS: Slight-of-hand certainly exists, I’m not sure about magic.

PJ: Do you believe in god?
SS: I believe in dog.