<< Martin Gjesing >>

PJ: What’s your name
MG: Martin Gjesing

PJ: Your birthday
MG: February 23rd

PJ: What’s your star sign
MG: Pisces

PJ: Your blood type
MG: Hot

PJ: What type of men do you like
MG: Bruce Springsteen

PJ: What type don’t you like
MG: The cheap type with ugly shoes

PJ: Who are your current lovers
MG: Moon, Cacio Pepe, my restaurants, Bruce Springsteens Nebraska album, my wife... Peter Jensen

PJ: What’s your favourite food
MG: Risotto

PJ: What food don’t you like
MG: Spanish

PJ: What’s your favourite fashion
MG: Leather

PJ: What fashion don’t you like

PJ: What’s your hobby
MG: Cold-water swimming

PJ: What were you doing last Sunday
MG: Watching the new king of Denmark with my family

PJ: When did you wake up this morning
MG: 6.00

PJ: Who’s your favourite fashion designer
MG: Jonny Johansson... and Peter Jensen

PJ: Favourite lip balm
MG: My wife’s

PJ: Perfume
MG: It’s a secret

PJ: What colour hair do you wish you were born with
MG: Blond

PJ: Are you a good cook
MG: 8/10

PJ: What food do you cook best
MG: Italian, only Italian

PJ: What do you wear when you sleep
MG: Nothing

PJ: What did you eat when you woke up this morning
MG: A single espresso

PJ: What’s your favourite word
MG: Yes

PJ: What words don’t you like
MG: No

PJ: What’s your favourite flower
MG: Lilies

PJ: Favourite colour
MG: Yellow

PJ: What’s your favourite season
MG: Indian summer

PJ: Where do you most want to go now
MG: Home

PJ: What’s your job
MG: 100% business, 100% creative

PJ: Do you like your work
MG: Yes, always

PJ: Do you like your job
MG: Yes

PJ: Do you like your voice
MG: Yes

PJ: What is your dream of the future
MG: I’m living the dream

PJ: What’s the happiest thing about your life
MG: My daugthers and my wife

PJ: How about the saddest
MG: The order of the world currently

PJ: What part of your self do you like best
MG: Energy, commitment, stamina, loyalty… and my tight leather pants

PJ: What part of your self don’t you like
MG: Nothing, including my cowboy boots shaped feet

PJ: What part of your personality do you like best
MG: My business partner say that I never flinch - I see that as a compliment

PJ: What part of your personality don’t you like
MG: After 40 your embrace it all

PJ: What is your habit
MG: I’m very organized

PJ: When was your first love
MG: Rock n roll

PJ: What kind of girl was she
MG: The rock n roll type

PJ: What type of girl is your current lover
MG: The best

PJ: What do you expect from her
MG: She give me more than I ever expected

PJ: What did you dream last night
MG: Nothing

PJ: Do you believe in dreams
MG: Yes

PJ: Do you believe in jinxes
MG: No

PJ: Do you believe in magic
MG: Yes, especially Moon magic

PJ: Do you believe in god
MG: I believe in believing