<< Tavi Gevinson >>

PJ: What’s your name?
TG: Tavi Gevinson.

PJ: Your birthday?
TG: April 21, 1996.

PJ: What’s your star sign?
TG: Taurus.

PJ: Your blood type?
TG: I don't know. I should.

PJ: What type of men do you like?
TG: Very few.

PJ: What type don’t you like?
TG: Most.

PJ: Who are your current lovers?
TG: My boyfriend.

PJ: What’s your favourite food?
TG: Pumpkin ravioli.

PJ: What food don’t you like?
TG: A sad airport croissant.

PJ: What’s your favourite fashion?
TG: Right now, Canadian tuxedo and Peter Bogdanovich neckerchief.

PJ: What fashion don’t you like?
TG: Anything I start seeing too much of.

PJ: What’s your hobby?
TG: Collage.

PJ: What were you doing last Sunday?
TG: Visiting my parents in Chicago.

PJ: When did you wake up this morning?
TG: 8 AM.

PJ: Who’s your favourite fashion designer?
TG: Miuccia Prada.

PJ: Favourite lipstick?
TG: Nars' Scarlet Empress.

PJ: Foundation?
TG: Clinique's Acne Solutions or Make Up For Ever HD when I need more coverage.

PJ: Perfume?
TG: Byredo's 1996.

PJ: What colour hair do you wish you were born with?
TG: I'm OK with mine.

PJ: Are you a good cook?
TG: No.

PJ: What food do you cook best?
TG: I can make asparagus + goat cheese pasta and that's it.

PJ: What do you wear when you sleep?
TG: A red Agnes B. nightgown that makes me look like Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

PJ: What did you eat when you woke up this morning?
TG: Special K cereal.

PJ: What’s your favourite word?
TG: Lionhearted.

PJ: What words don’t you like?
TG: Chunky.

PJ: What’s your favourite flower?
TG: Daisy.

PJ: Favourite colour?
TG: Pink.

PJ: What’s your favourite season?
TG: Fall.

PJ: Where do you most want to go now?
TG: Home, rather than the coffee shop I'm working at.

PJ: What’s your job?
TG: Founder of Rookie, writer, and actress.

PJ: Do you like your work?
TG: Oh yeah.

PJ: Do you like your job?
TG: Oh yeah.

PJ: Do you like your voice?
TG: It's OK.

PJ: What is your dream of the future?
TG: Restored democracy and justice. Good journalism. For me, a house and a dog.

PJ: What’s the happiest thing about your life?
TG: I have friends and a boyfriend who understand me and I understand them.

PJ: How about the saddest?
TG: I find life itself really sad even though I'm thankful for mine every day.

PJ: What part of your self do you like best?
TG: The part of me that is a good friend and girlfriend--good listener.

PJ: What part of your self don’t you like?
TG: The part of me that is like a tiny Mama Rose and needs approval.

PJ: What part of your personality do you like best?
TG: Eager to learn, synthesizes information quickly.

PJ: What part of your personality don’t you like?
TG: Self-deprecating.

PJ: What is your habit?
TG: Picking at the skin on my face.

PJ: When was your first love?
TG: When I was 16.

PJ: What kind of guy was he?
TG: Also a high schooler.

PJ: What type of guy’s your current lover?
TG: A good person.

PJ: What do you expect from him?
TG: To stay himself.

PJ: What did you dream last night?
TG: Nothing!

PJ: Do you believe in dreams?
TG: Yes.

PJ: Do you believe in jinxes?
TG: Yes.

PJ: Do you believe in magic?
TG: Yes.

PJ: Do you believe in god?
TG: I don't think so, but I'm flexible on that.